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Parade of Pages

Getting a little bored at seeing all those cookie-cutter user profile pages?

Take a look at what bees and striatic and fluorescence have done with theirs!

If there are others we should know about, add them here in the comments.

as capodistria said on November 11, 2003 03:21 PM

that is so cool i can hardly believe it. MORE!

Posted by: georgie parker at November 13, 2003 04:15 PM

Take a look at the profiles of signal9, Emily, Kowh, Sarafina Pekkala, and of course... meeeeeee! :) That said, we all owe it to striatic, bees and fluor who started this off and helped the rest of us get our profiles looking spiffy!

Posted by: GreyArea at November 20, 2003 08:55 PM


I find Emily's color scheme very relaxing for some reason but why is yours so grey? ;)

Posted by: capodistria at November 21, 2003 01:10 PM