is the kind of place you can visit to play and interact with other GNE'ers!

vox populi grows!

Enjoy the new soundfiles by GreyArea and capodistria at vox populi.

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dev chat transcripts

A warm welcome to Mgnat, our newest writer for das bounce. Mgnat will be editing the dev chat transcripts. Please, leave your comments to the first editing.

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The GNE Museum

Bees at GNESpy has put together an amazing set of screenshots which summarize most of what the old prototype was all about! Go visit the GNE Museum!

(On a related note, if you dont already know about it, Paperlane's Museum Annex also has a few interesting things including the Deeds office - a record of all the homeowners at the end of the prototype.)

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more GNEwbie experience

Sarafina Pekkala wrote the next article for the GNEwbie experience.

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Behind each fansite is an excellent group of people.

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new items!

Go and read das bounce and get a first look at the new items.

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make our day

We here at LOVE comments. Really, we do.

Make us happy, leave a comment.
Please. Pretty please.

The Editors

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Thanks to thymic, vox populi looks a lot nicer (and newer!) now.

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and even more soundfiles

Caterina and Stewart have created some lovely soundfiles for us.

They rock!

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new sound files

We have two new sound files by L`au-Delà and Tseran over at vox populi.


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GNEwbie experience

With all these new and wonderful people arriving at the GNE almost daily now, it's time for a special das bounce section where GNEwbies have a chance to write about their first experience on GNE.

Enjoy the first essay by striatic.

If you want to participate and write next weeks article contact Mina via GNEmail or catch her in chat.

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Images from the Prototype

A lot of new players have asked for screenshots from the prototype. We've collected a few here just to provide a sense of what the old game was like. Nothing shown here should imply what will be in the Final Game but it does provide a window into the small utopia we all once shared.

A snapshot from Fluorescence (formerly doubleA) of her treehouse

A rare photo of Yeoz cornering the market on skateboards (notice also his crazy stats)

A snap of the coffee player and two inspyville shots from Pixel a. shun

An early version of the GNE world, courtesy of majick.


Balthazar Biberius and crew

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