Open your eyes. Have a cup of BobbleJava. And get ready for the Happy Thingey card-sending fest.

bobbles on the Happy Thingey card-sending fest!

On November 29th 2003, fluoresence started the Happy Thingey, a secret santa card swap.

"Then we draw names out of a hat, and you get a persons name who you have to send a card to. You either find their address on the discussion board, or a group admin will gne-mail it to you, then you send them a card! Easy enough, no? Also, we want you to make the cards yourself, it's more fun that way :-)"

We are happy to show you the results here at bobbles on....

Laughter received this HT from Jaen Padryga

closed peek opendetail detail sorry sorryinside

Outis received this HT from ravingOak

front, detail inside, left inside, right rear, detail
"ravingOak sent me a textured, 3-d card decorated with a lizard motif. The left hand side of the inside of the card is a semiotician's wet dream, featuring an implicit reference to Saturday Night Fever, an overt reference to Terminator 3 and part of a tree, all overlaying a shiny sweet-wrapper surface. The right hand side, meanwhile, has some red seeds (?) affixed at the top and a message printed out from GNE. The rear of the card shows our lizard's face and captures the details of its alien-like skin very well."

rothko received this HT from marrije

from marrije
"marrije's red is brighter, her green richer, her gold more brilliant."

Meer Drache received this HT from pixel a. shun

from pixel

Eleanor Rigby received this HT from capodistria

from capo
"I received a little 4-part card from capodistria. The main (silvery green) card opened to spill out three smaller cards meant especially for my ratties. (Grey -- "Potions of wisdom... for the new year", red -- "Shake, RATtle ... and roll!" and blue -- "I dream... of electric cheese".) Enclosed is a picture of Bronwen and Eleanor admiring the cards: thank you, capo!
[Eleanor Rigby -- and yes, my rattie did take her name from my GNE persona...]"

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