Have a cup of BobbleJava. And get ready for the second Happy Thingie card-sending fest.

bobbles on the second Happy Thingie card-sending fest!

Thanks to Trinity and Ellipse the end of our beloved GNE did not mean the end of a Thing that is Happy.

"Yes the wonderfulness that is Happy thingie is back again for 2004.
Our most wonderful, most esteemed fluoresence is unable to create the magic this year, so Ellipse and trinity will be tip toeing into her slippers.
then as before - for why change perfection
"we draw names out of a hat, and you get a persons name who you have to send a card to a group admin will gne-mail their snail mail to you, then you send them a card! Easy enough, no? Also, we want you to make the cards yourself, it's more fun that way :-)"

We are happy to show you the results here at bobbles on....

Trinity received this HT from rogue drone

encyclopedia instancia encyclopedia instancia encyclopedia instancia

Meer received this HT from Eleanor Rigby

origami star

greywolf received this HT from Kallese

from Kallese with love

James received this HT from Trinity

magnets logo

someone received this HT from carpolena

what is it?

You can still mail your Happy Thingey to projects@bobbleton.net