bobbleton classifieds is the kind of thing you can line the birdcage with

classified ads

Rare game items for sale or barter. Surfboards, chi-a pets (produce goat chi), dev action figures, and many more. Contact capodistria for details and prices. 7/17

Welcome visitors to BC, Help support GNE! Butterfield's Bed & Breakfast: spacious room, gourmet meals, and copious reading material only $324.79 US a night. 7/17

The tastiest IcE CreaM in all hell buy satan's (yes they are real monkeys pushin the carts) 6/20

Lost: One cognizant cloud. Smells a little, but I have grown fond of it. If found, contact Loli at 44 Bobbleton St. 6/14

Fight the PARP menace! Join Satan's army. Contact Satan is Santa or DeathsWill for details. 6/14

Big Bra Blowout! Belay bobbing breasts! Buy a Bounce Be Gone Bra, get 7 for the price of 6 (160 shekel value) at Cheerleader's #7 Lunkhead Commons 6/14

For the finest in home security come to Six Pistols Weaponry in Fisticuffs. PARP members: refuse to show your affiliation card to get 10% off all marshmallow daggers. 6/14

For sale: Authentic Dos Pesos toenail clippings. Suitable for framing, or mounting in jewelry. Contact W. Mute 6/9

Got anything to sell?