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Factories & Teleporters

What follows is a series of edited excerpts from a transcript from the GNE chat widget. Wintermute tells us about some interesting upcoming ideas that the developers are working on for the game:

capodistria: this is fun and all but we need some toys
Wintermute: soon...
Mina: really? toys? woohoo!

Social Index
capodistria: do we start with our old social index
capodistria: or will it be wiped?
Wintermute: start fresh because the old one won't make sense with more contact types
capodistria: ok :(
Wintermute: and limits might be different
Wintermute: truncation might be a possiblity
Wintermute: acq requires approval
Wintermute: but the relationships can be 1 way or both ways
Wintermute: friend inbound... acq outbound
Wintermute: old acqs get removed when you hit the limit
Wintermute: when new ones are added
Wintermute: once you are my acq you don't have to consent to move me up to friend
Wintermute: but the other person is notified
Wintermute: it's a bug right now that people aren't notified
Mina: have you decided on the numbers of soulmates, yet?
Wintermute: nope
Wintermute: probably 5 or 7 :)

Mina: what kind of toys do we get? old ones from the prototype?
Wintermute: my fav toys are going to be factories :)
Wintermute: thats what I called them at least
Wintermute: they are items that grow other items
capodistria: a toy that makes other toys?
Wintermute: grow/produce
Wintermute: you feed them food and try to keep them happy
Mina: :)
Wintermute: they also infrequently produce a seed
Wintermute: which can be planted to form another factory
Mina: that's awesome!
Wintermute: once planted they are fixed to the ground until they die
Wintermute: but they last a long time
Wintermute: people can buy hubs and make an orchard of various things
Wintermute: factories can grow also
Wintermute: they have 4 growth states
Mina: oh, i can't wait to see that!

A Teleporter?
Wintermute: there is a teleporter also.. for the rich :)
Wintermute: but I don't want to give away too much now :)
Helcat: a teleporter??
Helcat: yay
Mina: oh, we don't mind, wintermute :)
Wintermute: yeah.. for beaming yourself around the world
Wintermute: you record destinations on little cards
Wintermute: and then you can teleport to them later

Wintermute: the fact that the map is nearly infinite and made by the players is very cool I think
Wintermute: we'll only start out with 2 small cities
Helcat: heliopolis!
Wintermute: as soon as possible :)
capodistria: Istria!

Wintermute: most skills will be tool based
Wintermute: and you can get good at only so many tools
Wintermute: so characters can specialize in doing/making various things
Wintermute: but that is only one facet of a player :)
Wintermute: political clout is another..
Wintermute: social index...
Helcat: (cocktails and lobbying. i can do those)
Wintermute: general wealth
Wintermute: trust :)

Wintermute: player run stores should be fun too
Wintermute: with limits on how powerful the items can be
Wintermute: or if they are powerful the require much power to contruct
Wintermute: some items will be skill/level based to use
Helcat: this must be so fun to think up for you guys
Wintermute: it was fun writing the 80 page doc that explains it all :)

Is GNE Hardcore?
Helcat: marketing slogan: AIM with trout slapping
Wintermute: AIM with items!
Wintermute: and socials..
Wintermute: it's not a hardcore game
Helcat: no, that's the beauty of it
Wintermute: like everquest or ultima online..
Wintermute: and is more accessable
Helcat: and whimsical
Wintermute: you can play for 15 mins just about anywheree
Helcat: yeah right
Wintermute: and not have to play for 5 hours a day just to keep up
Wintermute: no 1.5Gb installs
Helcat: you forget the crack-like quality
Mina: ha! but you end up playing all day!
Wintermute: no fancy 3D card required
Wintermute: hopefully people don't play ALL day :)
Helcat: i did
Helcat: was terrible
Helcat: addicted gners
doubleA: Ooh, yup, that'll be me ^^
Wintermute: we will hold rehab seminars for a price :)
Mina: yay!
Wintermute: our 2nd revenue stream
Wintermute: or charge a fee to block access :)
capodistria: i think its fair to say your hardcore users are right here
Wintermute: and a larger fee to unblock it :)
doubleA: Darn you Wintermute! I'm going to have to get myself a paycheque just to try keep my GNE addiction from taking over my life x.x
Helcat: i may need to take a leave of absense

as capodistria said on June 15, 2003 09:52 PM