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An Interview with Yeoz

An incredibly in-depth and professional interview with Yeoz:
L: Good morning, Yeoz! I have been trying to get this interview for forever it seems.
L: (bbiab)
L: Ok, I'm back.
L: Hmm, but you aren't. Ok, I gotta go to my soul sucking job. :P See you tonight, I hope.
(ten hours later)
L: Dang Yeoz, you get a job or what? Or are you just being a shadow?
Y: ho hum.
L: Yay!
L: (i was burning toast)
L: sorry
L: Ok, let's begin...

L: You are a college student in NY?
Y: yep
L: What are you studying?
Y: computer information systems

L: When did you start playing GNE, and how did you find it?
Y: Started playing 10/28/2002, I had recieved the invite four days after signing up.
Y: Metafilter, like many of the others.

L: When you started, did you have a 'role' in mind for your character, or were you just going to wing it/play as you?
Y: I didn't have a role in mind at all. Are people supposed to have a role in mind? Even after I started figuring things out, I still didn't have a role in mind. I don't even have a role in mind, for the big game.

L: What is your favorite memory of the prototype?
Y: Figuring out the SQL injection stuff with capodistria, realizing the sheer power of what could be done, was awe-inspiring.

L: You boggled my little rabbit mind when you turned into Eric's picture in the back room of the mash bar - I actually screamed. What was your most favorite hack/caper?
Y: it wasn't my own -- vi changed his char id to 1337 -- which was a complete shock&awe type of thing
Y: surprised the hell out of me that someone like him (but, i can't remember his name at the moment) would bother 'cracking' gne - it wouldn't have been a challenge for him at all.

L: (I know you will find this funny, but it is true) You seen the most mentally balanced of the bunch - to what do you owe this? (religion, close fam, grand illusion...?)
Y: Sane? I'm not sane. I just haven't said enough to make you people realize the horrible truth yet. This is one of the benefits of being a statue. If you don't say anything, no one can know the truth :)

L: How has GNE affected your real life (if at all)?
Y: I honestly attribute GNE as making me a more social person in real life. I'm a really shy person in real life, and with the random interactions in GNE, I was doing things that I couldn't even imagine doing in real life. This bled through into real life. Also getting introduced to people like pixel a. shun, eric, capodistria and inspö, whom gave me advice, inspiration, and direction in real life... although, i doubt they know this :P

L: who was your favorite player, if any?
Y: favorite ? player ? including devs ? ;p inspö, of course ;d
L: Ack!

L: I know you financed most of the trivias - was it to alleviate boredom, liven up players, see which newbies would dance for a purple, or ...?
Y: alleviate boredom
Y: the stupid guessing game, was to see who would dance ;)
L: hahahaha
L: I just liked guessing :D

L: And lastly, what do you envision the new game will be like?
Y: "Blue"
Y: no, no, "Green".
Y: ;p

L: Thank you Yeoz! I will rough draft this, and I may wander back with a few more, but this is great. Thank you very much.

Y: (ask more questionsssssssssssssss)
L: I can??!
Y: why not, just ask away
L: (woohoo!)

L: Ok, favorite anime character/show?
Y: favorite character is Washu from Tenchi Muyo OAVs, favorite show is Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (His and Her Circumstances)

L: What is your favorite kind of cookie?
Y: Cookies? I'm not really a big cookie fan. I prefer ice cream for the most part, as a snack item. Oreo™, if I were forced to select a cookie, Cookies & Creme Ice Cream, otherwise ;)

L: Paper or plastic?
Y: I don't usually take bags, unless it's really large, in which case, i end up with plastic anyway
L: Yay! (I carry a duffel, and put everything in it, unless large, then plastic)

L: Why haven't you done a soundfile for bobbleton.net?
Y: because i wasn't aware of it, and, now that i am aware of it, I don't want to :P
L: What is with that darn site?? no one knows about any of the projects on it!

L: It has been a lot of fun, and very interesting; especially the Qs I didn't publish. Thanks for the opportunity Yeoz. I will prolly think of a bunch of Qs I should have asked tonight when I go to bed. I may ask them tomorrow. Everyone else can ask you on their own. :P Good night!

as Loli said on June 24, 2003 09:13 PM