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Opinion on Proposal IH0106-1

We held a random poll on the corner outside of Beezlebubby's to get Bobbletonian's take (no pun intended) on the Instancia House Proposition IH0106-001, which states that all Dos Pesos must be curbed and the solid waste then removed, or the owner face a fine of 50 sheckles and two hours of newbie assisting per canine deposit.

What is you opinion on the proposed Dos Pesos curbing law?

Buckley Bobble: They should do more than curb the little ankle assasins! I had a pair of my best argyle socks ruined by one... and they are always yapping! How did we get so many; aren't they all neutered males? Maybe they should investigate that. Durn town is going to heck in a handbasket with all these big city Bobbles moving in!
Broderick Bobble: I have over 100 Dos and if I had to pick up all those puppy pellets, I wouldn't have time for for throwing parties, much less noob assisting. I think we should just hire a few dozen street cleaners. Here's a purple for your trouble.
Brittany Bobble: I say yes, because although Dos Pesos is adorable, booboo on my shoes is not.
Brianna Bobble-Benton: I have little diapers for my Dos. It works very nicely; they come in fashion colors to match my ensemble, and he doesn't make no-nos in my handbag that way.
Bernard Bobble: Why single out the honest citizens of Instancia for persecution based on their lifestyle choice to cohabitate with a non-human companion? It is repression of the people, and I won't stand for it! Does PARP know about this?

W. Mute: Damn. Bronzed Dos doodie was going to be my next collectors club offering. I still have some lovely nail clippings available, and some hairs he left on the sofa for the right buyer.

as Loli said on June 26, 2003 12:58 AM