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GNEw to you

Hello, my name is striatic and I may be GNEw to you.

Or maybe not. Afterall, I've met plenty of people over the past week or so. Enough to be invited to write this nifty little article about my first week in GNE.

Mina asked me to throw down some comments regarding my trials and tribulations, and so I shall.

My first impressions of the GNE community :

Wow, not to sound hyperbolic, but the overall GNE community is a very interesting lot. Miasorella [who was on the prototype] greeted me just about as soon as I launched the chat and oriented me very well. Although she wasn't able to answer all my questions, she pointed me towards Caterina [a dev], who most certainly could. This kind of welcome is just terrific for any GNEwbie, and something that I hope continues well into GNE's development.

Or why GNEwbies are cool :

More than just hoping this generosity continued, I wanted to help people ease into the environment myself. I started off by helping those wandering into the chat, but quickly realized that creating a little structure in which to do this would be a good idea. Jelly, fresh off an invite, suggested that maybe an ORG was in order - so we went about structuring one. Thusly, GNEwbie Boogie was born.

As it turns out, the people coming into GNE are as friendly and interesting as the ones who are already here. This bodes well for the future of the community, methinks.

Or why Ersatz Matt is cool :

Speaking to the future is a big part of what we wanted to accomplish through GNEwbie boogie. The structure of the ORG is such that all members are mandated to leave it after two months in order to ensure that it remains 'By GNEwbies, For GNEwbies'. This factor will hopefully allow new players to see that there is a clear path towards responsibility and leadership. It may also push the older GNEwbies to integrate the members who are joining for the first time into the system, because the clock is ticking.

Who's making the clock? Why Ersatz Matt of course. Matt volunteered his services to make a webpage that will keep track of how much time in the ORG everyone has left. This AP will remain in use of the ORG even after his two month term is up.

This is the kind of experimental, forward thinking that typifies many in our community. We all know that this could blow up in our faces .. but that's part of the fun, finding out what's possible and impossible in this realm.

Or why Outis is cool:

One of the things that is possible here is intense collaborative effort. Outis is all about this kind of collaboration, and GNEXUS is all about that collaboration. GNEXUS is a wiki, a kind of communally edited encyclopedia of all things GNE. It is still embryonic right now, but fits very well into our GNEwbie ORG. It will allow us to link into important information relating to the game, and also help edit that information to suit our needs GNEwbie Boogie already has an entry, as you might have already noticed. If we all put in an entry or two, as Outis has mentioned - we can have a very large and comprehensive wiki in short order. It just takes a little involvement.

Or why Capodistria is cool :

Getting people involved is important.

The most frequently asked questions of new members in our ORG is "What's the game going to be like?". Nothing explains this as quickly and clearly as a screen capture of the prototype.

Capodistria put together a simple listing of a few of these captures, and our ORG quickly went about distributing his link to our membership. Many told me that this made the game seem 'that much closer' for all of them. Again, his initiative and resources in putting things together - and our ORGs efforts in spreading the word really benefited the mood around the chat.


I might mention the Outis and Capodistria are not even members of our group, nor can they be - and yet the initiative they have shown benefits us. I hope I have explained why they are cool as effectively as possible, because it makes my life a whole lot easier. Hopefully I am helping them out as well. This is the kind of attitude that will make our time in GNE that much better.

My first experiences in GNE have been overwhelmingly good, and I hope they continue. I know there will be disappointments, but I am even looking forward to some of those, oddly.

So until then...

as striatic said on October 9, 2003 06:09 AM