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'mute news

Today as everybody thought the devs would have disappeared totally Wintermute made a short appearance. For your pleasure we bring you the complete chat log:

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SorchaRei is away: "Orbiting the planet with Johnny's mother"

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Serenity: did the game shut down?

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th˙mīc: yup

th˙mīc: it went down

greywolf: mute's on

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th˙mīc: he is :)

greywolf: hi mute!

Wintermute: server got restarted?

Wintermute: hi everyone

greywolf: needed it badly

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greywolf: it threw us all of about 10 minutes ago

greywolf: are you back to us yet?

Wintermute: me personally you mean?

greywolf: yes, you

Wintermute: I've been working on the client lately

Wintermute: trying to learn actionscript quickly :)

Wintermute: there are new things on the server but we haven't deployed yet

greywolf: well we all miss you

greywolf: tomato juice?

Wintermute: NPCs are one of them

Wintermute: I'm going to try to add a secure container also

greywolf: cool ;)

Wintermute: so people can store stuff

th˙mīc: yeah we need that :)

greywolf: yay!

Wintermute: not quite houses but could be usefulo

Wintermute: useful..

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hopkapi: hey

greywolf: that's ok, right now some of store things on the other island because not everyone can get there

greywolf: us>

Wintermute: good idea :)

hopkapi bows to the mighty mute

th˙mīc: well most of us frequent players can go there :)

greywolf: that will change soon, they're picking away

greywolf: we know where you've been, thymic ;)

th˙mīc: do you? ;)

greywolf: you leave signs

greywolf: lol

th˙mīc: ;)

greywolf: are you going to give us anything new, soon?

Wintermute: hopefully yes

th˙mīc: what are NPCs anyway?

greywolf: I'm maxed on everything, except catching

Wintermute: robot characters

th˙mīc: ah ok

hopkapi: so we can auto pick?

th˙mīc: yeah i'm maxed too ... you have to set your own goals ... that's what i've been told ;)

greywolf: no, you should still have to pick, just like the rest of us

Wintermute: um no auto-picking :)

Wintermute: but they will be able to do certain things

Wintermute: some might buy certain items for gold

hopkapi: like ask for new items;)

th˙mīc: uh finally some use for the ingots ;)

greywolf: ohhh, stores!

Wintermute: very limited stores

Wintermute: no UI for them yet.. but some npcs will give you gold if you give them items

Wintermute: some may follow you around if they like you

greywolf: uh oh

th˙mīc: as long as they don#t tape me up ;)

greywolf: stalkers

hopkapi: can you drop water on them?

Wintermute: I gotta go work on them though :)

Wintermute: see y'all later

hopkapi: bye

greywolf: bye mute, see you soon

th˙mīc: take care

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as thymic said on September 16, 2004 04:16 PM