Das Bounce is the kind of thing you can refute


The rumours are true. Squiggins exist.

Meet the Squiggins!

Thank you, ravingOak!

what's it for?

"Well I took my chances and tried out the various actions:

"pet" - Squiggins likes that. (and it ups my "rating" by 1 point) - i
don't know what a rating is, is it like whuffie
"feed" and "play with" result in the msg: Squiggins likes that.
(nothing else happens).


as Mina said on October 9, 2004 06:13 AM

weird thing is that it doesn't matter who pets the same squiggins, the ratings keep going up. If I had a ratings of 1000 and gave him over to hopkapi who clicked pet, he would get the rating of 1001, and 99 clicks later I would get back the squiggins and upon petting him once would get a rating of 1101 and so on. Quite silly : )
Besides if I'm not mistaken, the ratings started at 12.. Maybe somebody already petted this cat before I found him.

Posted by: ravingOak at October 9, 2004 02:21 PM