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Loli: No problem, I'm glad to be here
You last message was not received (b/c you seem to be the only one here).
Loli: That's ok. I've played to empty rooms before
You last message was not received (b/c you seem to be the only one here).
Loli: Umm, yeah, I know
You last message was not received (b/c you seem to be the only one here).
Loli: But you know what? YOU are answering me.
You last message was not received (b/c you seem to be the only one here).
Loli: So... I could conclude that my message *was* received, because it elicited a response.
You last message was not received (b/c you seem to be the only one here).
Loli: You answered, therefore you exist. I am not the only one here.
You last message was not received (b/c you seem to be the only one here).


Could you guys at least fix the 'bot's grammar?

as Loli said on June 27, 2003 06:40 PM

Opinion on Proposal IH0106-1

We held a random poll on the corner outside of Beezlebubby's to get Bobbletonian's take (no pun intended) on the Instancia House Proposition IH0106-001, which states that all Dos Pesos must be curbed and the solid waste then removed, or the owner face a fine of 50 sheckles and two hours of newbie assisting per canine deposit.

What is you opinion on the proposed Dos Pesos curbing law?

Buckley Bobble: They should do more than curb the little ankle assasins! I had a pair of my best argyle socks ruined by one... and they are always yapping! How did we get so many; aren't they all neutered males? Maybe they should investigate that. Durn town is going to heck in a handbasket with all these big city Bobbles moving in!
Broderick Bobble: I have over 100 Dos and if I had to pick up all those puppy pellets, I wouldn't have time for for throwing parties, much less noob assisting. I think we should just hire a few dozen street cleaners. Here's a purple for your trouble.
Brittany Bobble: I say yes, because although Dos Pesos is adorable, booboo on my shoes is not.
Brianna Bobble-Benton: I have little diapers for my Dos. It works very nicely; they come in fashion colors to match my ensemble, and he doesn't make no-nos in my handbag that way.
Bernard Bobble: Why single out the honest citizens of Instancia for persecution based on their lifestyle choice to cohabitate with a non-human companion? It is repression of the people, and I won't stand for it! Does PARP know about this?

W. Mute: Damn. Bronzed Dos doodie was going to be my next collectors club offering. I still have some lovely nail clippings available, and some hairs he left on the sofa for the right buyer.

as Loli said on June 26, 2003 12:58 AM

An Interview with Yeoz

An incredibly in-depth and professional interview with Yeoz:
L: Good morning, Yeoz! I have been trying to get this interview for forever it seems.
L: (bbiab)
L: Ok, I'm back.
L: Hmm, but you aren't. Ok, I gotta go to my soul sucking job. :P See you tonight, I hope.
(ten hours later)
L: Dang Yeoz, you get a job or what? Or are you just being a shadow?
Y: ho hum.
L: Yay!
L: (i was burning toast)
L: sorry
L: Ok, let's begin...

L: You are a college student in NY?
Y: yep
L: What are you studying?
Y: computer information systems

L: When did you start playing GNE, and how did you find it?
Y: Started playing 10/28/2002, I had recieved the invite four days after signing up.
Y: Metafilter, like many of the others.

L: When you started, did you have a 'role' in mind for your character, or were you just going to wing it/play as you?
Y: I didn't have a role in mind at all. Are people supposed to have a role in mind? Even after I started figuring things out, I still didn't have a role in mind. I don't even have a role in mind, for the big game.

L: What is your favorite memory of the prototype?
Y: Figuring out the SQL injection stuff with capodistria, realizing the sheer power of what could be done, was awe-inspiring.

L: You boggled my little rabbit mind when you turned into Eric's picture in the back room of the mash bar - I actually screamed. What was your most favorite hack/caper?
Y: it wasn't my own -- vi changed his char id to 1337 -- which was a complete shock&awe type of thing
Y: surprised the hell out of me that someone like him (but, i can't remember his name at the moment) would bother 'cracking' gne - it wouldn't have been a challenge for him at all.

L: (I know you will find this funny, but it is true) You seen the most mentally balanced of the bunch - to what do you owe this? (religion, close fam, grand illusion...?)
Y: Sane? I'm not sane. I just haven't said enough to make you people realize the horrible truth yet. This is one of the benefits of being a statue. If you don't say anything, no one can know the truth :)

L: How has GNE affected your real life (if at all)?
Y: I honestly attribute GNE as making me a more social person in real life. I'm a really shy person in real life, and with the random interactions in GNE, I was doing things that I couldn't even imagine doing in real life. This bled through into real life. Also getting introduced to people like pixel a. shun, eric, capodistria and inspö, whom gave me advice, inspiration, and direction in real life... although, i doubt they know this :P

L: who was your favorite player, if any?
Y: favorite ? player ? including devs ? ;p inspö, of course ;d
L: Ack!

L: I know you financed most of the trivias - was it to alleviate boredom, liven up players, see which newbies would dance for a purple, or ...?
Y: alleviate boredom
Y: the stupid guessing game, was to see who would dance ;)
L: hahahaha
L: I just liked guessing :D

L: And lastly, what do you envision the new game will be like?
Y: "Blue"
Y: no, no, "Green".
Y: ;p

L: Thank you Yeoz! I will rough draft this, and I may wander back with a few more, but this is great. Thank you very much.

Y: (ask more questionsssssssssssssss)
L: I can??!
Y: why not, just ask away
L: (woohoo!)

L: Ok, favorite anime character/show?
Y: favorite character is Washu from Tenchi Muyo OAVs, favorite show is Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (His and Her Circumstances)

L: What is your favorite kind of cookie?
Y: Cookies? I'm not really a big cookie fan. I prefer ice cream for the most part, as a snack item. Oreo™, if I were forced to select a cookie, Cookies & Creme Ice Cream, otherwise ;)

L: Paper or plastic?
Y: I don't usually take bags, unless it's really large, in which case, i end up with plastic anyway
L: Yay! (I carry a duffel, and put everything in it, unless large, then plastic)

L: Why haven't you done a soundfile for bobbleton.net?
Y: because i wasn't aware of it, and, now that i am aware of it, I don't want to :P
L: What is with that darn site?? no one knows about any of the projects on it!

L: It has been a lot of fun, and very interesting; especially the Qs I didn't publish. Thanks for the opportunity Yeoz. I will prolly think of a bunch of Qs I should have asked tonight when I go to bed. I may ask them tomorrow. Everyone else can ask you on their own. :P Good night!

as Loli said on June 24, 2003 09:13 PM

At last!

Finally, I get a letter for my advice column asking something besides do I want to make $$$ with my computer, buy a mailing list, or subscribe to pr0n.
teleport to Ludus Perpetuus
Enjoy. And don't send me your version of history - post it here.

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Factories & Teleporters

What follows is a series of edited excerpts from a transcript from the GNE chat widget. Wintermute tells us about some interesting upcoming ideas that the developers are working on for the game:

capodistria: this is fun and all but we need some toys
Wintermute: soon...
Mina: really? toys? woohoo!

Social Index
capodistria: do we start with our old social index
capodistria: or will it be wiped?
Wintermute: start fresh because the old one won't make sense with more contact types
capodistria: ok :(
Wintermute: and limits might be different
Wintermute: truncation might be a possiblity
Wintermute: acq requires approval
Wintermute: but the relationships can be 1 way or both ways
Wintermute: friend inbound... acq outbound
Wintermute: old acqs get removed when you hit the limit
Wintermute: when new ones are added
Wintermute: once you are my acq you don't have to consent to move me up to friend
Wintermute: but the other person is notified
Wintermute: it's a bug right now that people aren't notified
Mina: have you decided on the numbers of soulmates, yet?
Wintermute: nope
Wintermute: probably 5 or 7 :)

Mina: what kind of toys do we get? old ones from the prototype?
Wintermute: my fav toys are going to be factories :)
Wintermute: thats what I called them at least
Wintermute: they are items that grow other items
capodistria: a toy that makes other toys?
Wintermute: grow/produce
Wintermute: you feed them food and try to keep them happy
Mina: :)
Wintermute: they also infrequently produce a seed
Wintermute: which can be planted to form another factory
Mina: that's awesome!
Wintermute: once planted they are fixed to the ground until they die
Wintermute: but they last a long time
Wintermute: people can buy hubs and make an orchard of various things
Wintermute: factories can grow also
Wintermute: they have 4 growth states
Mina: oh, i can't wait to see that!

A Teleporter?
Wintermute: there is a teleporter also.. for the rich :)
Wintermute: but I don't want to give away too much now :)
Helcat: a teleporter??
Helcat: yay
Mina: oh, we don't mind, wintermute :)
Wintermute: yeah.. for beaming yourself around the world
Wintermute: you record destinations on little cards
Wintermute: and then you can teleport to them later

Wintermute: the fact that the map is nearly infinite and made by the players is very cool I think
Wintermute: we'll only start out with 2 small cities
Helcat: heliopolis!
Wintermute: as soon as possible :)
capodistria: Istria!

Wintermute: most skills will be tool based
Wintermute: and you can get good at only so many tools
Wintermute: so characters can specialize in doing/making various things
Wintermute: but that is only one facet of a player :)
Wintermute: political clout is another..
Wintermute: social index...
Helcat: (cocktails and lobbying. i can do those)
Wintermute: general wealth
Wintermute: trust :)

Wintermute: player run stores should be fun too
Wintermute: with limits on how powerful the items can be
Wintermute: or if they are powerful the require much power to contruct
Wintermute: some items will be skill/level based to use
Helcat: this must be so fun to think up for you guys
Wintermute: it was fun writing the 80 page doc that explains it all :)

Is GNE Hardcore?
Helcat: marketing slogan: AIM with trout slapping
Wintermute: AIM with items!
Wintermute: and socials..
Wintermute: it's not a hardcore game
Helcat: no, that's the beauty of it
Wintermute: like everquest or ultima online..
Wintermute: and is more accessable
Helcat: and whimsical
Wintermute: you can play for 15 mins just about anywheree
Helcat: yeah right
Wintermute: and not have to play for 5 hours a day just to keep up
Wintermute: no 1.5Gb installs
Helcat: you forget the crack-like quality
Mina: ha! but you end up playing all day!
Wintermute: no fancy 3D card required
Wintermute: hopefully people don't play ALL day :)
Helcat: i did
Helcat: was terrible
Helcat: addicted gners
doubleA: Ooh, yup, that'll be me ^^
Wintermute: we will hold rehab seminars for a price :)
Mina: yay!
Wintermute: our 2nd revenue stream
Wintermute: or charge a fee to block access :)
capodistria: i think its fair to say your hardcore users are right here
Wintermute: and a larger fee to unblock it :)
doubleA: Darn you Wintermute! I'm going to have to get myself a paycheque just to try keep my GNE addiction from taking over my life x.x
Helcat: i may need to take a leave of absense

as capodistria said on June 15, 2003 09:52 PM | Comments (0)

Chat Soiree

I am pleased to report that the wine & cheese party in GNE chat this past Sunday, while not the high numbers expected, was considered a success. Company and conversation was stimulating and fun. Among the topics of discussion covered were: public nudity, retro gaming, worst movie ever (vote never settled), and artful ways to cover flatulence. Noted attendees were (in order of arrival): JH, Mina, Eleanor Rigby (in & out several times), Capodistria, oyu (apparently a new player), Outis, rothko, and Meer Drache. Wintermute, Stewart, and Mr Coil Eyes all made an appearance at the end.

(Note: was going to publish chat log, but it was mutually decided that some things are better left to fade into vague memory.)

as Loli said on June 09, 2003 10:20 PM | Comments (3)