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If you haven't been to GNE chat lately, you have been missing a lot. Old timers have been coming back, and we have gained new members contributing clever and insightful topics. My (current) favorite is 'Fear & Loathing in the Magic Kingdom' - thanks to glyph, it was a very lively chat.

The devs have answered our prayers, and added some new features, such as a changeable & more visible away status for players, additions to contact's status options, and an 'ignore' that blocks IMs and chat posts made by the offending person for the player that initiated it.

So drop by, check out the spiffy tools, and kick back a bit with old friends while making new ones. Weekends are especially jumpin'. Hope to see you there!

as Loli said on July 15, 2003 09:31 PM | Comments (0)