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Banana God

banana god

... some things never change.

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Need a new pick up line?

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behind the scenes

Coming to a theatre near you in 2003 2004.

In November 2002, the first test screenings of Ludicorp's big project Gameneverending were a success.
However, lots of problems still had to be solved.

When Ludicorp finally found a new producer, hopes went up. The audience waited patiently for updates and the monkeys were listening.

After a few months, the fans started to get angry and complained at length about the Gameneverstarting.

What people don't know is that the real problem GNE has to struggle with are the mis-casted actors.

A shy lemon was responsible for having to shoot a scene over and over again.

The recyclator decided to take over her part, but overestimated his strength and was taken to the hospital with serious overload symptoms.

Some chicks, merely there to be squeezed and entertain the crew, couldn't do the simplest math.

But worst of all, Server, a former Academy winner in a leading role, suddenly started to forget his text.

The final release date has yet to be announced.

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summer items

You probably remember some of these items from earlier updates. But in case you have missed them or are too lazy to go through our old posts, here's a complete overview of all items available at the moment.
Click on the images to see the items in full-size.

food and drinks



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