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picky items

You can pick fruit from trees and plants. Sometimes, you also find a seed. Continue reading to find out more.

last updated on August, 20th 2004

apple  apple seed
orange  orange seed
tomato  tomato seed
banana  banana seed
lemon  lemon seed
peach  peach seed
cherry  cherry seed

T=tummy E=energy M=mood K=karma

    Good to know
  • Trees die after 10000 fruit are picked. The different trees can only be planted in certain hubs. That used to be different, and you will probably find apple trees in hubs like Lake H2O. These trees are an endangered species

    picking skill(1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x)
  • apple: 0; 1,000; 2,000; 3,000; 4,000
  • orange: 4,000; 5,000; 6,000; 7,000; 8,000
  • tomato: 8,000; (rest: unknown)
  • banana: 8,000; 9,000; 12,000; 14,000; 16,000
  • lemon: 16,000; 17,000; 20,000; 24,000; 30,000
  • peach: 32,000; 33,000; 37,000; 45,000; 60,000
  • cherry: 40,000; 45,000; 55,000; 65,000; 75,000
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tasty items

The frying pan is your cooking tool. You can make donuts, a basket of fries or hamburgers (and the buns for that one). Continue reading to find out more.

last updated on September, 2nd 2004

12 donuts

1 basket of fries

1 hamburger

12 burger buns

T=tummy E=energy M=mood K=karma XP=experience point

    Good to know
  • Frying pans do wear out. You should always have a butterfly of flightiness in your pack.

    cooking skill
  • 0: donuts
  • 100: fries
  • 500: burger buns
  • 1000: hamburgers
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catchy items

With a net you can catch lovely and very useful butterflies. Continue reading to find out more.

last updated on September, 4th 2004

butterfly of imperialism  butterfly of desire
butterfly of flightiness  butterfly of deceit
butterfly of envy  butterfly of hope
butterfly of minty fresh  butterfly of passion
butterfly of radiance  butterfly of neon
butterfly of plaid

    Good to know
  • Butterfly nets only last 100 clicks. You should always have a butterfly of hope in your pack.

    catching skill
  • 0 - 1000: 1 butterfly
  • 1000 - 2000: 2 butterflies
  • 2000 - 3000: 3 butterflies
  • 3000 - 4000: 4 butterflies
  • 4000 - 16000: 5 butterflies
  • 16000 - 32000: 6 butterflies
  • 32000 - ?: 7 butterflies

    minty fresh
    and back to hope

as Mina said on August 05, 2004 04:44 AM | Comments (21)

Shock - Horror! Banana and Lemon shortage reported in GNE!

Dateline 2004-08-01

Oh the humanity! Not a banana tree in sight!

A recent spree of Guerilla Gardening has rendered citizens of GNE both lemonless AND bananaless. GNE-ers woke up this morning to find all Jungle and Firefield tiles completely covered in Apple Trees, clogging the floor slots and preventing the cultivation of the native Banana and Lemon producing species. Result: The entire ecosystem of GNE was thrown into a horrific tailspin ...

Not a lemon tree as far as the eye can see.

Traducer, one of the first victims of this 'extreme gardening art co-operative' was unable to be further quoted due to the graphic nature of the expletives.

A player who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, upon finally raising her picking skill above 16000, told authorities "They say that when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... But what are we supposed to do when we can't pick any!?"

In related news, Brazil is predicting record profits from its banana export market for 2004.

as striatic said on August 01, 2004 05:31 AM | Comments (3)