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'mute news

Today as everybody thought the devs would have disappeared totally Wintermute made a short appearance. For your pleasure we bring you the complete chat log:

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greywolf has joined the conversation.

You invited SorchaRei.

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SorchaRei is away: "Orbiting the planet with Johnny's mother"

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Serenity: did the game shut down?

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th˙mīc: yup

th˙mīc: it went down

greywolf: mute's on

You invited Wintermute.

Wintermute has joined the conversation.

th˙mīc: he is :)

greywolf: hi mute!

Wintermute: server got restarted?

Wintermute: hi everyone

greywolf: needed it badly

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greywolf: it threw us all of about 10 minutes ago

greywolf: are you back to us yet?

Wintermute: me personally you mean?

greywolf: yes, you

Wintermute: I've been working on the client lately

Wintermute: trying to learn actionscript quickly :)

Wintermute: there are new things on the server but we haven't deployed yet

greywolf: well we all miss you

greywolf: tomato juice?

Wintermute: NPCs are one of them

Wintermute: I'm going to try to add a secure container also

greywolf: cool ;)

Wintermute: so people can store stuff

th˙mīc: yeah we need that :)

greywolf: yay!

Wintermute: not quite houses but could be usefulo

Wintermute: useful..

hopkapi has joined the conversation.

hopkapi: hey

greywolf: that's ok, right now some of store things on the other island because not everyone can get there

greywolf: us>

Wintermute: good idea :)

hopkapi bows to the mighty mute

th˙mīc: well most of us frequent players can go there :)

greywolf: that will change soon, they're picking away

greywolf: we know where you've been, thymic ;)

th˙mīc: do you? ;)

greywolf: you leave signs

greywolf: lol

th˙mīc: ;)

greywolf: are you going to give us anything new, soon?

Wintermute: hopefully yes

th˙mīc: what are NPCs anyway?

greywolf: I'm maxed on everything, except catching

Wintermute: robot characters

th˙mīc: ah ok

hopkapi: so we can auto pick?

th˙mīc: yeah i'm maxed too ... you have to set your own goals ... that's what i've been told ;)

greywolf: no, you should still have to pick, just like the rest of us

Wintermute: um no auto-picking :)

Wintermute: but they will be able to do certain things

Wintermute: some might buy certain items for gold

hopkapi: like ask for new items;)

th˙mīc: uh finally some use for the ingots ;)

greywolf: ohhh, stores!

Wintermute: very limited stores

Wintermute: no UI for them yet.. but some npcs will give you gold if you give them items

Wintermute: some may follow you around if they like you

greywolf: uh oh

th˙mīc: as long as they don#t tape me up ;)

greywolf: stalkers

hopkapi: can you drop water on them?

Wintermute: I gotta go work on them though :)

Wintermute: see y'all later

hopkapi: bye

greywolf: bye mute, see you soon

th˙mīc: take care

Wintermute has left the conversation.

as thymic said on September 16, 2004 04:16 PM | Comments (0)


items that spawn

Some items spawn. That means, certain items appear in certain hubs at a certain time in a certain amount. Items only spawn when a player is around during the refreshing circle. The more player, the more items.
Continue reading to find out more.

last updated on September, 5th 2004

empty glass  egg
duct tape  sack of sugar
sack of flour  sack of salt

T=tummy E=energy M=mood K=karma

    Good to know
  • If you drop an empty glass it will smash into a million pieces.

as Mina said on September 05, 2004 03:10 AM | Comments (0)


juicy items

    Before you start juicing, you need to take the following steps:
  • go to the Foglands, where the glasses spawn
  • go to a lake to fill the empty glasses with water
  • pick some fruit
  • make juice

Continue reading to find out more.

last updated on September, 3rd 2004

empty glass

glass of water

apple juice  orange juice

banana juice  lemonade

peach soda  fruit punch explosion

T=tummy E=energy M=mood K=karma XP=experience points

    juicing skill
  • 0  apple juice
  • 2000  orange juice
  • 4000  banana juice
  • 8000  lemonade
  • 9000  going underwater
  • 16000  peach soda
  • 55000  fruit punch
as Mina said on September 02, 2004 03:22 PM | Comments (0)