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GNEwbie experience

a goddess?

So I log on to the Game Neverending site, click to join chat. This is maybe the second, third time that Iíve logged on. I come in, people say hi, I add a few new acquaintances. After a while, someone, maybe Tref, jokes about building me a shrine.

Shrine, eh? I decide to take this and run with it. Iíll be a goddess! And Iíll heal people, in more ways than one ;). Itíll be fun! I even start an org dedicated to my worship. Xylia and ravingoak are co-goddesses, and we get two or three followers and even a temple wench. Excellent.

The next time I log on, I play the goddess role to the hilt. Telling everyone to join my cult (spamming now that I look back on it), offering to ďcommuneĒ with various folk, even making capodistria my enemy (who Iím immensely attracted to, of course). Itís rather amusing.

During a lull in the conversation, I visit the GNE wiki. I learn how it works, add myself to players, and browse a bit. In recent changes, I click on AOLization. The word seems to describe the effect on chat of those who take things too seriously (whatever that means), but I have a disturbing thought.

This is a game that never ends, of course. Sort of like the real world. So how do I want to be known in this little microcosm? The sex goddess thing will probably get old in about two days. I donít want to be (or be known as) that ditzy sex-obsessed girl. Perhaps more importantly, I donít want GNE to be a ditzy sex-obsessed game.

We all determine the direction the game will take by our actions in it. If I want this game to be fun, interesting, and diverse, I had better work to make it that way. That doesnít exclude flirting, of course, but I donít want flirting to be my sole contribution to GNE. I can help shape a better world than that.

Just as I would in the real world, I need to ask myself what face I want to present and what kind of impact I want to make in GNE. I would ask my fellow GNEwbies to ask themselves the same questions I did: what sort of place do I want this to be? How can I work to make it so?

Iím Sarafina Pekkala, and Iím a GNEwbie.

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GNEw to you

Hello, my name is striatic and I may be GNEw to you.

Or maybe not. Afterall, I've met plenty of people over the past week or so. Enough to be invited to write this nifty little article about my first week in GNE.

Mina asked me to throw down some comments regarding my trials and tribulations, and so I shall.

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