the bobbleton blue pages is the kind of thing you use to find everyone from baaa to bzzzzy

the bobbleton blue pages

aaaugh! hey_you at
angel of the abyss peterj (at) mesallen (dot) info
assorted benign lunatics assorted@lunatics
bhikku bhikku (at) bhikku (dot) net
capodistria capodistria (at) bobbleton(dot) net
caterina caterina (at) caterina (dot) net
desi patmcrotch4me (at) hotmail (dot) com
edelweiss lure (at) allura (dot) net
eleanor rigby dereese (at) mail (dot) com
flippy rice flippy (at) flippyrice (dot) com
greywolf dparadise20 (at) yahoo (dot) com
hexagon sun james (at) ohskylab (dot) com
hexagon sun james.holloway (at) mac (dot) com
jaen padryga jaen (at) quixotica (dot) com
jewelies me [at] jewelies [dot] org
kallese Kallese (at) nyc (dot) rr (dot) com
kati blog (at) idared (dot) net
kyle stein kyle (at) truegeek (dot) org
lilith frobbit
loli loli (y\'know) bobbleton (ditto) net
lush luuush (at) gmail (dot) com
meer drache hhoopes (at) mindspring (dot) com
mina mina (at) bobbleton (dot) net
oldtasty kgroetsch (at) yahoo (dot) com
outis jacob (at) jacobmartin (dot) info
penguinix sgowell (at) sinekow (dot) org
pixel a. shun pixel (at) bobbleton (dot) net
rogue drone
selva morales selva (at) paperlane (dot) net
shelda raspberry seeshells(AT)
shiri masen
stewart stewart (atch) ludicorp (dotch) dom
thymic thymic (at) bobbleton (dot) net
yogi BigBallsBobble (at) kflood (dot) net